Car efficiency targets

This discussion note looks at the current voluntary agreement from car manufacturers and how it is failing to deliver carbon reductions as intended. The target, which is based on average fuel efficiency is also criticised - total carbon production is what really matters. This file is in pdf format. Please feel free to quote from it, as long as the source is acknowledged, and to comment by e-mail.
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The graph from the note is reproduced below.

The basic spreadsheet designed to analyse the planned impact of the target, what is actually happening, and the implications for future years, is also available as an excel file. Again, please comment or use it to explore different assumptions. Just acknowledge the source and send us a copy of what you do. Please note that work based on this cannot be charged for. The original is copyright by and the intellectual property of MTRU.

Car efficiency material: document November 2006, spreadsheet revised March 2007


Targets for more efficient cars
Why is the current Government target not being met?
What needs to be done to put this right?

Document in pdf format

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Spreadsheet workings behind the document
This includes the voluntary agreement targets and actual figures, plus a means of translating these into an estimate of how efficient all the cars in the UK will be up to 2050.

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